Bob Kot

Managing Director, New Ventures

(585) 214-2403


Bob joined HTR in June 2011 as Director of New Ventures, a new position that has the responsibility of leading HTR’s efforts in accelerating the growth of local startup companies.  

He brings 35 years of experience, many as a CEO, president, GM and VP for sales and marketing as a result of working with venture capital-backed companies that provided technology-based products and integrated systems:  OnCuity Inc. (Houston, TX); Accessware, Inc. (Houston, TX); Transition Technology, Inc. (Boston, MA); Azonix, Inc. (Boston, MA); Cognisonics (Baltimore, MD); and Fife, Inc. (Oklahoma City, OK). He has held senior-level positions at many other companies, started his own business and operated his own consulting practice. Bob is a former Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) for NYSERDA, and provided mentoring and consulting expertise to startup companies across New York State.  

Bob’s experience also encompasses chemicals, metals, textiles, automotive, consumer and energy companies, many of which have been owned by venture capital organizations, private individuals or corporations – public and private.